Win a free Large Wall Portrait!

Calling all 2009 clients…we’re having our 1st-ever photo contest and….

we. need. you.

Participating is easy.  Just submit your favorite picture we took of you (or loved ones) in 2009.  We’ll post all the submitted pictures here on the blog.  Then everyone can vote for their favorite pic.  The image with the most votes will be made into the big pretty 16×20 print your walls are aching for.

The contest is open to all our photography sessions: weddings, engagements, Aftershots, family, maternity, anniversary, anything!

  • Who can submit pictures? Anyone who booked a session with us in 2009.
  • Who can vote? Everyone!  (Only 1 vote per person.)
  • How do I submit pictures? Attach your cute mug to an e-mail and fire it over to us.
  • How many pictures can I submit? 1 per session (so if we did your engagement pictures & your wedding pictures & your Aftershots you can submit 1 image from each session.)
  • How long do I have to pick an image and submit it? You have until midnight on 10/31.


That’s right folks.  Send us your eye candy by Halloween night!


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