Home, Sweet…photo op

Several people have asked me where to do pictures during the looooong cold Michigan winter if you don’t want to freeze. I wanted to show you Stacey & Steve’s great solution to the issue.  People often overlook their homes as a possible location (or in this couple’s case…their parent’s homes.)  Homes offer you warmth, privacy, and I think it helps set people at ease to be someplace so familiar & comfortable.  Imagine curling up together on your own couch instead of a random park bench.

You LCS kids might recognize Stacey.  Now she’s all grown up and found herself a cute boy who likes to cook.  Nice work, Stacey!

We tried to do some nice romantic pictures with Stacey’s horses in the background, but the horses had their own ideas about who would be cuddling with Stacey and who would be in the background.

Man, who knew Cheez-its were so sexy?  


2 thoughts on “Home, Sweet…photo op

  1. Ann Mullins says:

    I LOVE the photos of Stacey & Steve!! They are so sweet and romantic looking, as well as soft and sensual. Taking pics in their parents homes seemed to have done the trick. This is my favorite couple, and I just love the pics, you done a wonderful job!!

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