Engagement sessions for the techno-savvy

I just discovered these little flipbooks and they inspire me to try something new with an engagement (or Aftershots) session: stop-motion animation!

Just image….

We could directed & shoot the photography for your own 30 second stop-motion animation.  Something adorable.  You know…this kind of thing…but way simpler.

After we give you your disk of images you put together the stop-motion animation (there are tons of online tutorials.  I just checked.  And it looks like you don’t need fancy software.)  Then print them out in the little flipbooks, and there you have it: epic wedding favors.   Or just something cool to have around the house.  Oh!  and you could show the animation at your wedding instead of a traditional slide show.  Or you play it at home on a digital picture frame that supports movie files.  Ok, now I want one for myself!

I know my clients are creative & techno-savvy.  Anyone game??  I’m excited already.


One thought on “Engagement sessions for the techno-savvy

  1. Ann Mullins says:

    I just got finished browsing your main website, as well as this one, and I just love your work. I had never heard of “stop-motion animation,” but this is a really neat and different idea!! My step dad is a nature photographer here in our area, as well as other surrounding areas. I can’t wait to share this with other family an friend photographers, so that they can see how neat it is.

    Ann Marie Mullins
    Eastern Kentucky

    MySpace Page:

    FaceBook Page:

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