o sole mio

Kelli + Ming

Kelli could tell you a wedding-gown horror story.  It involves airport security, a big black stain, and a rush trip to the dry-cleaners.  (Let that be a lesson to terrorist brides everywhere.)  Everyone at her wedding could tell you that the dress turned out perfect and Kelli looked absolutely stunning.

Perhaps one of the most special moments in the day was when Ming’s father (who’s apparently something of an opera star) sang “o sole mio” at the reception.  Someone was a little teary behind her camera let me tell you.  So beautiful.


8 thoughts on “o sole mio

  1. Gorgeous pictures! You have done a great job with Alaina and Kelli’s weddings…as the mother of these brides, I am very happy!

  2. Thank you Stacy! We’ve greatly enjoyed working with you folks! If you have any more daughters someday give us a call!

  3. Thanks, James. I just checked out your website. I especially liked your “unconstructed realities” section. Looks like you’ve had some great adventures!

  4. I absolutely love that last picture! Awesome capture.

  5. Kelli Si says:

    I have received so many compliments on my wedding photos. Mattson Photography is the epitome of professional photographers. They made photographing my wedding a stress free process and the resulting photos cherished memories. You sure knocked my socks off just like you promised!

    Your skill is priceless!


    PS: Friends here in California express great disappointment when I tell them you’re in Michigan!

  6. Katie Romano says:

    What great shots! You guys, ROCK! So excited to work with you guys in a couple of weeks.

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