Introducing: Style Guru Melanie!

You know those people who always look pulled together?  And not only that, they make it look easy?  It’s like they just roll out of bed into the perfect outfit.  Well, believe it or not, there are brides like that.  They pull off these amazingly detailed & gorgeous events…and they make it look effortless.

Guess what.  I’ve snagged one of those people.

One of our 2009 brides, Melanie Elturk, has agreed to share some of her style insight right here on the blog.  This year is an exciting one for Melanie.  She’s been very hard at work designing her own clothing line to be out Spring 2011!

Stay tuned for Melanie’s tips on choosing clothes for your engagement session.  In the meantime, swing over to her website and check out her lovely collection of vintage scarves.


2 thoughts on “Introducing: Style Guru Melanie!

  1. I can’t wait to read what she has for us!

  2. […] this blog post, the lovely Melanie Elturk shares her advice for a bride who’s trying to decide what to wear for her engagement session. […]

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