Style Tips: The Engagement Session (part 1)

In this blog post, the lovely Melanie Elturk shares her advice for a bride who’s trying to decide what to wear for her engagement session.  Take it away Melanie….

“Your engagement session photos are something you are going to cherish for years to come. The last thing you want is a fashion faux pas documented for your children and children’s children to gawk at. Here are a few things you want to keep in mind when choosing your ensemble for your engagement session.

1) Theme

You may want to think about choosing a theme for your engagement session. This will help dictate what you wear to your shoot.


Is there an era or decade you vicariously live through (60’s mod, 40’s pin-up)?

Do you have a favorite season (sundresses in summer, sweaters and boots in fall)?

Do you have a favorite hang-out spot (retro 50’s diner, prim and proper library)?

Do you have a favorite getaway place like:

-On the water (shorts and a tank)?
-In the city (high heels and a killer dress)?
-In the country (jeans and your favorite t-shirt)?

Perhaps you want your theme to be reflective of you or your fiancé’s ethnic background or culture (sari’s and kilts anyone?).


Whatever theme you choose, a great rule of thumb is to wear something that defines your personal style. If you never wear heels, your engagement session is not a good time to start.

2) Practicability

Above all, comfort is key. Fidgeting and an overall feeling of uneasiness will translate into your photos. It’s crucial to wear your chosen outfit out beforehand to ensure it’s comfortable and no-fuss. Tugging at your hemline or constantly pulling your dress up are telltale signs you have the wrong outfit.

In addition to comfort, it’s probably best to stay away from trends. The trends of today are the throwaway pieces of tomorrow. Go with timeless pieces that will look just as beautiful today as it will ten years from now. Body-flattering options are the best choice.

What do you want your pictures to evoke? How do you want to feel (romantic, sexy, playful)? Choose clothing that will complement the mood you want to evoke and give you the confidence to work the camera pose after pose!

3) Other Factors

  • Keep the weather in mind. Over or under-dressing for the weather will show in the pictures. You don’t want to be sweating in the sun or shivering in the cold! Also, be careful of flowy pieces if you know it’s going to be windy.
  • Consider an outfit change or two! Karen’s engagement sessions last two hours. A casual and formal option may be a great way to change up the mood and ensure a broader range of pictures.
  • Don’t bring a purse. Unless you want your purse to be in the pictures it’s best to leave this at home.
  • Keep your fiancé in mind. You may not want to be matchy-matchy, but be sure your outfits compliment each other. You don’t want to be in a dress and high heels while he’s wearing jeans and a t-shirt.
  • Have fun! After two engagement sessions, working with Karen has proven to be more fun than my husband or I could’ve imagined. Get into it and let loose! Don’t be afraid to be silly, climb trees or run around!”

Thanks so much, Melanie!  I had fun too.  Can’t wait to hear your advice for dressing the guys!

P.S.  Ladies, don’t forget to sign up for a Boudoir Session.  We still have 3 spots open!  We’ve got music, food, Hair & Make-up stylists, and a gorgeous location.  We just need a few more beautiful women!


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