Adoption Fundraiser


Hey, guess what?  Our friends are adopting!


Meet the Atkinsons.  Atkinsons….You.  You….Atkinsons.

There.  Now we’re all acquainted.

Check out my little buddy up top.  He’s gearing up to be a brother soon.


We’re so excited for them and for the little one who will be a part of their family soon.  To help raise money for the adoption we’re offering “donation only” photography sessions.

3 days only: Monday, July 8th – Wednesday, July 10th

During those days we will not have a set price for photo sessions, but will ask instead for a donation towards the Atkinson’s adoption.  For 3 days 100% of the money we make helps get a little boy or girl safely home to this sweet family.

Here’s what we’re offering:

  • ½ hour session
  • Disk of high-res images.  At least 50 images.
  • Copyrights to the pictures so you can make your own prints.

PLEASE NOTE!  We usually offer rain-dates, but because of the 3 day time-frame will be doing these sessions rain or shine.  If it’s a heavy rain or a storm we will reschedule, but for light rain we will pack our cute umbrella and play on!

E-mail, or message us on Facebook to set up your appointment, and please feel free to spread the word!!

Thank you to everyone who has reserved a session for the adoption fundraiser!  We have no more spots available.


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