Photoshoot Fundraiser: Bethany’s Fight

Some of you already know these folks, but for those who don’t…..

Here is Bethany.  She’s the short one.  Not the one with the beard…that’s Rico. 



Their oldest crazy daughter is BFFs with our oldest crazy daughter. 

And right now, this pretty mama of 3 is fighting breast cancer.  Please read about their journey on their blog.  Their words are so much better than mine. 


Now!  Onto the delightful business of encouraging and coming along side this family!


OK, this is were things start to get ridiculous.


We are auctioning off to the highest bidder:

-1 standard 2 hr photoshoot, including 100-200 images on a disk + copyrights. 

Whatever dollar amount is raised goes straight into Bethany’s gofundme account.  All of it. 

Bidding starts at our standard 2 hr rate of $385.  OK, I know it makes no financial sense to bid higher than our standard rate and spend extra money on a photo session on purpose.  It’s crazy to splurge on someone else.  It makes no financial sense, but it makes all sorts of “love your neighbor” sense.  I’m hoping there are a few ridiculous people out there who go for it!      

Here are the details (please read)

-How to bid: Visit our Facebook page and look for the link to this blog post.  Comment on Facebook with your bid.  ALTERNATIVELY, for those who don’t use facebook, or prefer more anonymity you can email me your bid at and I will post your bid without using your name. 

-YES!  You can pool your money with other friends/family and split up the photoshoot time.  Up to 4 families/groups.  But you must use the same location. 

-Photoshoot location must be within a 1 hr drive of Adrian, MI

-Bidding closes at 5pm on September 4th.  If you have the winning bid please be sure I have a good way of getting in contact with you. 

-Winning bidder has their choice of 2 dates for their session: Sept 12, 2014 or Sept 27th, 2014.  Times will be determined based on the winner’s preferences.

-Winning donation can be made to Bethany’s gofundme account, or I can provide you with a street address if you prefer to mail a check. 


Even if you don’t participate in this fundraiser, please consider encouraging and upholding this family in some way.  Pray for them, drop a few dollars in their gofundme, or send them a comment on their blog.



One thought on “Photoshoot Fundraiser: Bethany’s Fight

  1. randbmoreno says:

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    His love is manifested in so many ways. Thanks to our friends for this creative way.

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