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Win a free Family Session from Mattson Pictures


We’re giving away a free family session!

Here’s how to enter:

1. Think of a fun idea for a family session.  (Hint: We will actually be doing your idea if you win, so don’t say “pool” if you don’t mean it!)

2. Go to our Facebook Page and find the post about this contest.

3.  Leave a comment with your idea.

4.  That’s it!  (No annoying your friends to vote.  Yay!)

The winner will be selected by an esteemed panel of elementary students.

Because if anybody knows what’s fun, and what’s not, it’s 3rd graders.

The fineprint: 1 entry per person.  Entry deadline is March 1, 2013.  Session must be done before October 1, 2013.  Travel within 1 hour of Adrian, MI included.  Winner is responsible for travel expenses if the session is beyond that distance.  Session includes 2 hours, DVD + copyrights, and an online gallery.


Whatever Contest Entries

Thank you so much to everyone who submitted ideas to our Whatever Contest!  It was such fun to see all the different directions you guys went in.


  • We got 10 submissions so I decided to post all of them!
  • I did try to edit them down to just the basic idea.  (If you feel I cut out something essential to your idea please feel free to e-mail me a revised summary.)
  • I left everyone’s names out on purpose.  I thought anonymity might somehow make the judging easier.  I’m glad I don’t have to make the decision.  It’s in your hands now!
  • I take full responsibility for the cheesy titles.  Numbering seemed too dull.
  • The ideas are listed in the order I received them.  No ranking implied.
  • You have 4 days to vote for your favorite idea.  Voting closes Thursday night 2/17.  Winner is announced Friday 2/18!
  • Please only 1 vote per person.  Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to cast your vote.


Without further ado here are the entries…..


A Study in Contrasts:

I rarely see the snow shots that could be REALLY cool round these parts.  I think my idea involves snow but also the complete contrast of snow.  It’s like the dump the dress campaign, sort of “pretty” where you wouldn’t expect, rebellious in the face of serenity.  Finding luxury and a world uniquely beautiful where before it was just another building, sculpture, or run down locale.


Crime & Punishment:

“I’d love a chance to throw mud at my husbands face or paint on him.  Or I’d love to go to downtown Ann Arbor and get some photos downtown…paint some graffiti and then have my dad or one of his cop friends arrest us! I am *sure* they’d let us get some cool pics in a cop car….It’d be nice revenge for all those “don’t hear the baby crying in the middle of the night moments!”


Country Kids Attack Ann Arbor:

“Country boy is willing to go to downtown Ann Arbor and get some cool family shots……downtown ann arbor has some cool buildings and graffiti and I’m pretty positive we can get some cool bus shots, or in the jail shots or even at the Hands On Children’s Museum! Campus has some cool locations too I am sure! I think three little kids anywhere is pretty cute though…”


Keeping it Rural:

“I think it would be great if you were able to capture some pictures of us riding our ATVs in some of the fields near our house.  They are wide open, lots of natural settings with overgrown grasses, woods, ponds, etc…”


Starry Night:

“My idea is a starry night picnic.  Have a romantic picnic under the stars, while our daughter is asleep on the blanket, and we enjoy each other company.”


Ye Olde Photoshoot:

“So, I’m thinking a twist on the ‘traditional’ family photoshoot from the 19th century.  Black and white/antique. Costumes and all.  I’m about to start my Masters Degree in Historic Preservation– what better way to play with this than to step back and time and document my family “in the 19th Century”.  People always say that Somerset park is haunted with ghosts from  the 19th Century… it would be fun to BE those ghosts!.”


Waaay After Shots:

“My parents are still happily married after 30 years and I know how blessed I am to have such a strong example of marriage in my life. There are few photos of their wedding day left (most lost in a flood) and while a marriage is certainly something to be celebrated with memorable photos, I think 30 years of marriage deserves a few celebratory pics as well…they will be a great pair to show newlyweds what they have to look forward to after the vows have actually been put to use.”


Hittin’ the Trail:

“…The thought is an “on the road” campaign trail photo shoot….have you tag along to a City of Novi event where [my husband] is volunteering his time, grilling hot dogs, delivering a speech at a business grand opening, walking door to door to talk to Novi residents or at a fundraiser to see him in action.

A little more editorial (I’m thinking Obama’s on election night), but totally natural, raw and him at his best and most honest (the way I love him)….Of course there would have to be some great staged images (I so need a cute Jackie O inspired outfit). Not to mention, it would be a great way to capture this moment in our lives.”


Fairy Girls:

“Two beautiful little girls in smocked, old time dresses with parasols. Pictures taken in an old rowboat on the pond.  Pictures in the arboretum and also taken in the woods with the girls as fairies peeking around and perching on trees.”



“There is a sign that I love every time I drive by it and its on 23 and it says “prison area do not pick up hitchhikers…”  I always wanted and thought about doing this for aftershots or engagement pictures…”Do not pick up hitchhikers” is like them saying that now that your out its a dangerous world and nobody is going to pick up your slack…you’re in this together.  and as your decision to get married, its about working together with each other- starting your own family and creating a beautiful life from the two totally different background you came from. and making it beautiful.”


Thank you for voting!

The poll is now closed

With 47.12% of the votes the winner is: Ye Olde Photoshoot!


This being our first-ever photo contest I had no idea what to expect, but I certainly never thought we’d get anywhere near the 1,829 votes we ended up with.  Many thanks to everyone who stopped by to cast their vote!  And, again, a special thanks to everyone who submitted pictures.

With just a few days left in the contest, 2 pictures pulled way ahead of the pack and were neck & neck till the end.  Sarah & Andrew came out on top with 46% of the votes.  But Meredith & Jake were such strong contenders (40%) that I’ve decided to give them a 16×20 as well.

Congratulations to both winning couples!

16-20 win

wow wow wow

Last time I checked we had 995 votes in the Wall Portrait contest.  I’m officially blown away.

Voting ends Sunday 11/08/09 at 8pm EST.  The winner will be announced Monday morning.

Election Day!

First, our hale & hearty thanks to all those who entered their pictures.  Now, let the voting begin!  (Only 1 vote per person please.)

You can click the images to enlarge them for a better view




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wedding party251b

Voting is now closed.  Thanks to everyone who participated!

Win a free Large Wall Portrait!

Calling all 2009 clients…we’re having our 1st-ever photo contest and….

we. need. you.

Participating is easy.  Just submit your favorite picture we took of you (or loved ones) in 2009.  We’ll post all the submitted pictures here on the blog.  Then everyone can vote for their favorite pic.  The image with the most votes will be made into the big pretty 16×20 print your walls are aching for.

The contest is open to all our photography sessions: weddings, engagements, Aftershots, family, maternity, anniversary, anything!

  • Who can submit pictures? Anyone who booked a session with us in 2009.
  • Who can vote? Everyone!  (Only 1 vote per person.)
  • How do I submit pictures? Attach your cute mug to an e-mail and fire it over to us.
  • How many pictures can I submit? 1 per session (so if we did your engagement pictures & your wedding pictures & your Aftershots you can submit 1 image from each session.)
  • How long do I have to pick an image and submit it? You have until midnight on 10/31.


That’s right folks.  Send us your eye candy by Halloween night!