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Style Tips: The Engagement Session (part 2)

In her last article, Style Guru, Melanie Elturk gave brides-to-be a few tips on choosing wardrobe for an engagement session.  This time she’s here to help groom the grooms.

Now we understand that some guys know what works for them (kudos to you!).  But for those who don’t, for the frustrated fellas who give-up and hand off the wardrobe decisions to their wife-to-be, read on for Melanie’s advice.

Take it away, Melanie….


“Preparing for your engagement shoot can be stressful, (location, theme, outfit(s?). The last thing you need to worry about is what your fiancé will be wearing. Read on for some helpful tips on how to dress your man for your engagement session, that is, if he doesn’t have his digs picked out already!

  • Seeing Double

One thing you want to stay away from is looking too match-matchy. The key is to compliment each other rather than looking like twins. If you wear a killer dress and stiletto’s, be sure that his ensemble is in line with your dressed up look – slacks and a crisp collared shirt is a great choice. Similarly, if you’re dressing down in jeans, be sure his look is also dressed down, yet polished.

  • Comfort

While you may have the perfect vision of what you want your engagement shots to look like (40’s pin-up anyone), keep in mind that your fiancé has to dress the part too. Be sure to talk out what you want your theme to be, if any, with your fiancé and make sure he is comfortable wearing the chosen duds. If your fiancé feels uncomfortable (in his bowtie and Cary Grant hair-do), it will translate into your photos. It is also a good idea to be sure your fiancé has worn the chosen outfit at least once prior to the shoot.

  • Grooming

Is your fiancé sporting a new goatee that you secretly want to shave off in his sleep? Or do you love his scruffy “I haven’t shaved in three days” look? Talk to him and see what he’s willing to do (or not do) for the photographs. Remind him that these pictures will live on beyond the Beiber hair craze and a great haircut might not be a bad idea!

  • Have fun!

The most important thing to remember is to have fun. Regardless of what you’re wearing, the ability to kick back and relax during your shoot is crucial. A comfortable ensemble that exudes confidence is the best way to ensure you can relax while Karen snaps away! You’ll be in great hands with nothing to worry about, have fun with it!”


Genna & Corey’s Engagements

Best Wishes you two!  Looking forward your wedding next year!

patrick & marissa’s engagements

Oh man, these guys are hilarious.  I wish I had audio.

Engagement sessions for the techno-savvy

I just discovered these little flipbooks and they inspire me to try something new with an engagement (or Aftershots) session: stop-motion animation!

Just image….

We could directed & shoot the photography for your own 30 second stop-motion animation.  Something adorable.  You know…this kind of thing…but way simpler.

After we give you your disk of images you put together the stop-motion animation (there are tons of online tutorials.  I just checked.  And it looks like you don’t need fancy software.)  Then print them out in the little flipbooks, and there you have it: epic wedding favors.   Or just something cool to have around the house.  Oh!  and you could show the animation at your wedding instead of a traditional slide show.  Or you play it at home on a digital picture frame that supports movie files.  Ok, now I want one for myself!

I know my clients are creative & techno-savvy.  Anyone game??  I’m excited already.

Home, Sweet…photo op

Several people have asked me where to do pictures during the looooong cold Michigan winter if you don’t want to freeze. I wanted to show you Stacey & Steve’s great solution to the issue.  People often overlook their homes as a possible location (or in this couple’s case…their parent’s homes.)  Homes offer you warmth, privacy, and I think it helps set people at ease to be someplace so familiar & comfortable.  Imagine curling up together on your own couch instead of a random park bench.

You LCS kids might recognize Stacey.  Now she’s all grown up and found herself a cute boy who likes to cook.  Nice work, Stacey!

We tried to do some nice romantic pictures with Stacey’s horses in the background, but the horses had their own ideas about who would be cuddling with Stacey and who would be in the background.

Man, who knew Cheez-its were so sexy?  

Melanie & Ahmed’s engagements (part deux)

No time to put together collages this week.  So I’m just posting some favorite pics.

First up, a few from Ahmed & Melanie’s outdoorsy autumn engagement session.  These two are so much fun.









Location Highlight: Inn at 97 Winder

Melanie picked a great location for her & Ahmed’s sexy vintage-y engagement session today.

Wouldn’t a little stay at this gorgeous b&b would be a wonderful way to support Detroit’s economy?  And it’s just a stone’s throw from Comerica Park & Fox Theatre.  Not that I’m advocating throwing any stones at anything.