Photoshoot Fundraiser: Bethany’s Fight

Some of you already know these folks, but for those who don’t…..

Here is Bethany.  She’s the short one.  Not the one with the beard…that’s Rico. 



Their oldest crazy daughter is BFFs with our oldest crazy daughter. 

And right now, this pretty mama of 3 is fighting breast cancer.  Please read about their journey on their blog.  Their words are so much better than mine. 


Now!  Onto the delightful business of encouraging and coming along side this family!


OK, this is were things start to get ridiculous.


We are auctioning off to the highest bidder:

-1 standard 2 hr photoshoot, including 100-200 images on a disk + copyrights. 

Whatever dollar amount is raised goes straight into Bethany’s gofundme account.  All of it. 

Bidding starts at our standard 2 hr rate of $385.  OK, I know it makes no financial sense to bid higher than our standard rate and spend extra money on a photo session on purpose.  It’s crazy to splurge on someone else.  It makes no financial sense, but it makes all sorts of “love your neighbor” sense.  I’m hoping there are a few ridiculous people out there who go for it!      

Here are the details (please read)

-How to bid: Visit our Facebook page and look for the link to this blog post.  Comment on Facebook with your bid.  ALTERNATIVELY, for those who don’t use facebook, or prefer more anonymity you can email me your bid at and I will post your bid without using your name. 

-YES!  You can pool your money with other friends/family and split up the photoshoot time.  Up to 4 families/groups.  But you must use the same location. 

-Photoshoot location must be within a 1 hr drive of Adrian, MI

-Bidding closes at 5pm on September 4th.  If you have the winning bid please be sure I have a good way of getting in contact with you. 

-Winning bidder has their choice of 2 dates for their session: Sept 12, 2014 or Sept 27th, 2014.  Times will be determined based on the winner’s preferences.

-Winning donation can be made to Bethany’s gofundme account, or I can provide you with a street address if you prefer to mail a check. 


Even if you don’t participate in this fundraiser, please consider encouraging and upholding this family in some way.  Pray for them, drop a few dollars in their gofundme, or send them a comment on their blog.



Adoption Fundraiser


Hey, guess what?  Our friends are adopting!


Meet the Atkinsons.  Atkinsons….You.  You….Atkinsons.

There.  Now we’re all acquainted.

Check out my little buddy up top.  He’s gearing up to be a brother soon.


We’re so excited for them and for the little one who will be a part of their family soon.  To help raise money for the adoption we’re offering “donation only” photography sessions.

3 days only: Monday, July 8th – Wednesday, July 10th

During those days we will not have a set price for photo sessions, but will ask instead for a donation towards the Atkinson’s adoption.  For 3 days 100% of the money we make helps get a little boy or girl safely home to this sweet family.

Here’s what we’re offering:

  • ½ hour session
  • Disk of high-res images.  At least 50 images.
  • Copyrights to the pictures so you can make your own prints.

PLEASE NOTE!  We usually offer rain-dates, but because of the 3 day time-frame will be doing these sessions rain or shine.  If it’s a heavy rain or a storm we will reschedule, but for light rain we will pack our cute umbrella and play on!

E-mail, or message us on Facebook to set up your appointment, and please feel free to spread the word!!

Thank you to everyone who has reserved a session for the adoption fundraiser!  We have no more spots available.

Mama Love: photography workshop

Dear Men,

Sons, Brothers, Husbands, Grandsons, Gentlemen of all ages, lend me your ears.  Mother’s Day is May 12th.  Mark your calendar.  We’re heard fearsome tales of those who have forgotten this event.

Now, moving on.   May we humbly suggest an utterly fantastic gift idea?


Mama Love photography workshop

1 day only: Saturday May 18th, 10am-noon

This mini-workhop will be geared specifically for Moms.  Topics will include:

-Tips/tricks for taking better pictures of your kids at home

-How to get better pictures at events like sports, graduations, ect.

-How to balance being “in the moment” with getting great pictures

-Tips for looking your best in front of the camera

-Advice for making the most of a family portrait session with a pro photographer

The cost is $75/person


There are several ways to register for the class.  email me:

Or head over to our facebook page and send us a message.

We’ve even designed a little ticket-sort-of-thing you can print out and put in her Mother’s Day card.  Contact us and we’ll get you all set up!


Dear Women,

Your men may need some help knowing you’re interested in this workshop.  I trust your creativity in this department and look forward to hearing how you dropped hints.

See you soon!


this here album

So, I’ve got this album.  Isn’t it pretty?


It has a little scratch and so has been setting on our shelves for 5 years…watching all the other albums find homes.


Today we are seeking a home for this sweet little book by auctioning it off to the highest bidder.

Included in the purchase of this album is:

– Lovely album pictured above

– 1 hour photoshoot (family, engagement, kids, you name it) included!

– 20 gorgeous 5×7 prints matted and mounted in this album.

You don’t have to do any downloading, printing, or framing!   You just show up, have a fun session, and this book shows up at your door.  Yea!


Oh, you want to see a few more shots of the album?  Sure thing!  So glad you asked!





So there you have it, folks.  Name your own price!  Hop on over to our Facebook Page and place your bid.

Win a free Family Session from Mattson Pictures


We’re giving away a free family session!

Here’s how to enter:

1. Think of a fun idea for a family session.  (Hint: We will actually be doing your idea if you win, so don’t say “pool” if you don’t mean it!)

2. Go to our Facebook Page and find the post about this contest.

3.  Leave a comment with your idea.

4.  That’s it!  (No annoying your friends to vote.  Yay!)

The winner will be selected by an esteemed panel of elementary students.

Because if anybody knows what’s fun, and what’s not, it’s 3rd graders.

The fineprint: 1 entry per person.  Entry deadline is March 1, 2013.  Session must be done before October 1, 2013.  Travel within 1 hour of Adrian, MI included.  Winner is responsible for travel expenses if the session is beyond that distance.  Session includes 2 hours, DVD + copyrights, and an online gallery.

sneak peek: Aftershots in Northern MI

I cannot do this place justice.  (Wouldn’t it be sad if I could?)

If you haven’t been to Sleeping Bear Dunes then set your GPS to Empire, MI and just go.  The whole roadtrip home we dreamed about getting a cabin up there someday.